Stephen Gammell


there is a certain book that i had when i was a kid, and i friggen loved it. it was a bunch of scary stories with, what i remember being, the BEST illustrations. every few years, i wonder what it was called, what the drawings looked like, and what ever happened to it. today, i was poking around a second hand store and guess what i found?

the book was called scary stories 3, more takes to chill your bones, written by alvin schwartz and illustrated by stephen gammell. and holy balls, is he ever good. also, i’m pretty sure it gave me nightmares…

i cant seem to find a site, but here’s a bunch of images in google


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2 Responses to “Stephen Gammell”

  1. Hyein Says:

    I have this book too! Goddamn, now I cannot copy from it, I didn’t know people read it too. I also love the first one… -_o;

  2. Erika Says:

    Same story here! Today out of so many years since I last read the books I bumped into the book called “Old Black Fly” which has is work but in color! <3

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