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alexa meade

March 21, 2010

i stumbled upon alexa meade’s work the other day and i was blown away when i saw her paintings…

but HOLD ON. they are actually photographs. dont believe me? CHECK IT OUT!!

yep, it’s true!
she paints her subjects and settings and photographs them, and/or sets her work up as installation pieces in a gallery setting. its pretty nuts…

her work is dark and crusty and decayed and somewhat terrifying…you should totally check out her website, as well as her flickr stream. i HIGHLY recommend it, it’s unlike anything i have ever seen.

Koelle Art with love

March 17, 2010

I have been pouring over Annie and Chris Koelle’s blog for hours. I’m especially in love with Annie’s bird paintings, some of which I featured below!

Check out their respective websites as well for some juicy eye candy! Chris and Annie

Andy Gilmore is hogging my eyes.

March 3, 2010

Seriously, I need to look at other things, but I can’t tear myself away!!

Oh, and I can’t forget about his sketchbook drawings, these are nuts.

The best part about Andy Gilmore is that his Flickr stream is FULL of so much more awesomeness!

felipe cifuentes

December 24, 2009

i just got a message on flickr from this dude who thought my stuff was great. and i was flattered. then i went to his photostream…. and felt embarrassed to have received such kind words from someone THIS AMAZING…

i HIGHLY recommend checking out his flickr photostream.

sorry for the fine art-y stuff, but i had to. I HAD TO.

Jeremy Geddes is hot shit.

December 17, 2009



this has nothing to do with art, but…

September 19, 2009
if kanye said it, it MUST be true

if kanye said it, it MUST be true

sweet moses

Miranda Baby

August 21, 2009

Sean Christensen (Awesome But True) has created one of my favorite mini-comics this year: the truly awesome Miranda Baby. It takes a simple premise (two ladies conversing on the phone, one of which we never actually see), and wrings as much humor, craziness, and genuine feeling it can from the situation. With synthesizers.