Who are we? Well if you must know…

brittheadBritt Wilson, you may not be aware, is somewhat of a genius. I know, right? She hides it well.

Britt’s website :: Britt’s blog :: Britt on flickr

grahamheadGraham Kahler hails from somewhere in the distant past, but does all of his cartooning in the here and now. A frequent contributor to the You Ain’t No Dancer anthologies, his work has appeared in several other books, as well as a rapidly increasing number of galleries. He is a firm believer in argyle socks.

Graham’s website :: Graham’s blog :: Graham on flickr

kateheadKate Beaton is a comic artist from Nova Scotia.  Her work has appeared in several newspapers and magazines, but can be found primarily on her website,  Her comics often focus on historical figures, which would probably tick them off, if they were still alive.

Kate’s website :: Kate’s blog

contributorphilPhil McAndrew is an illustrator and cartoonist from upstate New York. He’s illustrated for the likes of King Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Boston’s Weekly Dig, Cosmic Pictures, and Ani DiFranco. You may have seen his comics on the internet (a lot of people seem to enjoy this one). His comics have also been published in a number of places, including the You Ain’t No Dancer anthologies from New Reliable Press. Phil is a founding member of the Found Hat Press collective. He watches way too many movies and loves snowboarding and food.

Phil’s website :: Phil’s blog :: Phil on flickr :: Phil on twitter :: Phil on facebook

vickiheadVicki Nerino is her name, and being a perv is her game. She was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and in her teenage years, moved on down to Toronto. She likes to draw, paint, sew, burp and fart, and she makes a decent amount of coin doing all of these things. She paints things for galleries, sews stuff for retail stores, and she also has begun to try her hand at comics, along with Britt Wilson, for their brand spankin’ new Uterus Parade Press collective. She has a thing for old people and vulgarity, occasionally at the same time.

Vicki’s website :: Vicki’s blog :: Vicki on flickr :: Vicki on twitter :: Vicki on facebook

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