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charlie immer

March 25, 2010

i’m not sure what to say about charlie immer‘s work… i found it last night while going through a list of artists of a gallery show that i was invited to, and i guess to put it gently, i shit my pants and started sweating nervously from the thought of sharing a space with this guy….

“oh my GOD, there is an EYEBALL, shooting though the SKY… OH my GOD”
Рvicki nerino (actual quote from me upon further inspection of the piece above.)

mistuh immer mostly uses oils on panel, and i dont know what to say about it, so i will use point form notes:
colour palette: oh my god.
large solids vs delicate details: sweet moses.
environments: gorgeous and painstakingly renered
characters: eff…

his imagery is the best. he somehow takes that simple character style that i have seen quite a bit literally pulls their guts out and splashes them around. he takes uber cute and ultra gore and smooshes them together into something so bloody and adorable that it confuses the hell out of me and i dont know how to feel about, besides GREAT. it’s sort of like gary baseman in the throes of a heroin withdrawal.

this dude is the man. for serious. you should totally check out his website and blog. please do it.