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charlie immer

March 25, 2010

i’m not sure what to say about charlie immer‘s work… i found it last night while going through a list of artists of a gallery show that i was invited to, and i guess to put it gently, i shit my pants and started sweating nervously from the thought of sharing a space with this guy….

“oh my GOD, there is an EYEBALL, shooting though the SKY… OH my GOD”
– vicki nerino (actual quote from me upon further inspection of the piece above.)

mistuh immer mostly uses oils on panel, and i dont know what to say about it, so i will use point form notes:
colour palette: oh my god.
large solids vs delicate details: sweet moses.
environments: gorgeous and painstakingly renered
characters: eff…

his imagery is the best. he somehow takes that simple character style that i have seen quite a bit literally pulls their guts out and splashes them around. he takes uber cute and ultra gore and smooshes them together into something so bloody and adorable that it confuses the hell out of me and i dont know how to feel about, besides GREAT. it’s sort of like gary baseman in the throes of a heroin withdrawal.

this dude is the man. for serious. you should totally check out his website and blog. please do it.

alexa meade

March 21, 2010

i stumbled upon alexa meade’s work the other day and i was blown away when i saw her paintings…

but HOLD ON. they are actually photographs. dont believe me? CHECK IT OUT!!

yep, it’s true!
she paints her subjects and settings and photographs them, and/or sets her work up as installation pieces in a gallery setting. its pretty nuts…

her work is dark and crusty and decayed and somewhat terrifying…you should totally check out her website, as well as her flickr stream. i HIGHLY recommend it, it’s unlike anything i have ever seen.

Maarten Donders

March 4, 2010

this dude is wicked.
hang on, back up…
maarten donders is an illustrator/artist from the netherlands who completely rocks my old worn out hobo socks.

i mean, come on. his colour sense is something to poop your pants about.

and his subject matter is generally pretty eerie as well, which always tends to turn my crank.. beautiful hands and contorted bodies and things all over the place.

his sketchbook work is effing amazing. what i wouldn’t do to get my hands on this dudes moleskine… *ahem*

maarten donders also did an AMAZING series of posters for Holland’s very own Roadburn Festival, which has become Europe’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that push the boundaries of music. here are a couple of my faves:

maarten has SO much cool stuff, so i highly recommend checking out his website and his flickr stream.

felipe cifuentes

December 24, 2009

i just got a message on flickr from this dude who thought my stuff was great. and i was flattered. then i went to his photostream…. and felt embarrassed to have received such kind words from someone THIS AMAZING…

i HIGHLY recommend checking out his flickr photostream.

sorry for the fine art-y stuff, but i had to. I HAD TO.

Stephen Gammell

December 17, 2009

there is a certain book that i had when i was a kid, and i friggen loved it. it was a bunch of scary stories with, what i remember being, the BEST illustrations. every few years, i wonder what it was called, what the drawings looked like, and what ever happened to it. today, i was poking around a second hand store and guess what i found?

the book was called scary stories 3, more takes to chill your bones, written by alvin schwartz and illustrated by stephen gammell. and holy balls, is he ever good. also, i’m pretty sure it gave me nightmares…

i cant seem to find a site, but here’s a bunch of images in google

Evan Levin

November 12, 2009

so i guess twitter is good for something else than just wasting a hell of a lot of time, because i found THIS DUDE there.
he’s pretty much the awesome-est. what’s better than gigantic oil paintings of strange dudes with peg legs and melted play dough faces?


check his site out HERE, and make sure you check out his drawings section too, it’s pretty much kickass.

this has nothing to do with art, but…

September 19, 2009
if kanye said it, it MUST be true

if kanye said it, it MUST be true

sweet moses


August 14, 2009

back in the day when i was young, silly, and frequented deviantart, i used to follow this guy. 
he’s pretty much the shit. so there. 

there’s a TON of stuff on his site and on his flickr too. i highly recommend checking it out.

Allan Ryan

August 8, 2009

Ok, so he’s a good pal of mine, plug plug plug, but it doesn’t make him any less wicked. 

ooooh, sketches…
take a gander at , as well as his flickr to see tons of awesome stuff from teeny weenie sketches to gigantic murals.


July 23, 2009

ever seen criminal minds?


ever seen this guy’s artwork?.. you should. hes a madman. and a saint.